Moms Make Really Good Strategic Planners

When I opened my eyes this morning, the first thought that entered my mind was that it’s Mother’s Day. A day about me, a day for me, and a day to relax and let everyone else take over. My older son gave me handmade paper flowers in a beautiful vase, and my little one gave me a small picture of a flower he drew…”thanks for everything that you do for us” was the sentiment. I feel lucky to have them and am grateful for the beautiful family my husband and I created.


Motherhood is a job I take seriously and one that requires a lot of love, hugs, dedication, patience, hard work and planning. As with most moms, my decisions are part science and part intuition, much like my approach as a strategic planner. Planning is at the center of what a lot of us moms do everyday, it’s what keeps our family on the right track while moving in the right direction. As a mom juggling home duties and a full time job, I am a natural born planner. I practice it in all aspects of my life, every single day. From the moment I get up, my brain goes into overdrive thinking about all I need to plan for the day. From breakfast, to wardrobe, to lunch, to how I get some exercise time, to what I’m going to wear, to what car I’m taking to work, to who is going to pick up the kids, to what’s for dinner and the list goes on & on. Every decision is a strategic one that allows life to flow smoothly for the most part. As most moms know, with kids things sometimes don’t go as planned but this has taught me to adapt and be flexible.


I like to think that I’m a good strategic planner at work because of the planning skills I have mastered as a mom. I notice everything and pay attention even to the seemingly mundane details. As I step into the office, I practice the same approach in my job as a planner. My accounts are like my kids, you see and I want to see them grow to be strong and successful. So I take care of them, make sure they’re on the right path, guide them with the right insights, make sure they’re talking to the right people in an meaningful way and continually pursue ideas that will make them stand out.


I love what I do and I am grateful that my dedication and capabilities I developed as a mom has helped me thrive in a career I love. So, if you’re a mom looking for a work that will leverage all your skills, strategic planning might just be your calling…







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