I’m a Quitter

I grew up most of my life hearing “don’t be a quitter” but quitting is not always negative and at times in life, quitting is necessary in order to evolve and change.

“Quitting is leading too.” – Nelson Mandela

Today, in my mid 40’s, I quit life as I routinely know it…

for a new life to pursue my dreams.

Today I quit the comfort of a steady paycheck…

for the opportunity to earn every penny doing what I was meant to do.

Today I quit relying on others for my career development…

to shape the career I have always wanted.

Today I quit thinking that life as an “entrepreneur” is scary and full of doubts…

for a life that is empowering, exciting and full of possibilities.

Today I quit the world of me, me, me, me…

for a world of helping and empowering others

Today I quit taking things for granted…

to realize that every little thing and every little moment counts as much as the big ones.

Today I quit doubting myself…

to emboldening myself because I have what it takes.

Today I quit looking back…

and instead open my eyes and heart to a different way of life,

dashing forward at full speed,

with no certainty in sight,

but with 100% certainty that I am doing the right thing.

My heart tells me so…

Are you ready to quit?

If so, tell me what you’re quitting…

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