Latina Entrepreneurs Are Taking the World by Storm

I have to admit that for the majority of my working life, I have not given much thought to entrepreneurs given that I’ve always worked for good size companies that had everything in place and made it easy for me to just come in and do the work I needed to do.

While I always appreciated what the founder (mostly women) had created, I didn’t give much thought into all the dreams, the effort, the long hours, and hard work that went into creating something out of nothing.  But being surrounded by successful Latina entrepreneurs that I am honored to call my friends, has given me a new perspective on what it means to pursue your dreams.

As a Latina (and aspiring entrepreneur), let me tell you that NOW is a really good time to pursue your dreams and launch your own business.  Don’t believe me? Well check out these incredible, eye-opening, and inspiring facts:

  • Latinas in the U.S. are opening their own business at nearly 6 times (!) higher than any other cohort.
  • Between 2007 and 2016, the number of Latina-owned firms increased by 137%
  • Latina-owned firms comprise 46% of all Latino-owned firms.

We are killing it in entrepreneurship! And many of these Latinas took on entrepreneurship in their 40s and 50s. Rock on ladies!

But the real question is, what is behind this phenomenal growth?

The Immigrant Mindset

Whether we are U.S. born or foreign born, we were raised in an environment where the immigrant perspective was prevalent.  The immigrant mindset is so very conducive to entrepreneurship. Like bumper cars, if we hit a wall, we back up and go a different direction. – always on the lookout for opportunities, always on our toes and better able to anticipate changes, always helping others, never giving up, always aiming to improve oneself, all done with a big dose of passion, empathy, curiosity and a willingness to work hard for success.

Latinas Are Natural Leaders (even though some may not know it yet)

There’s something special and unique about women entrepreneurs. They are a unique breed with a set of characteristics that set them apart from the rest. They are multitaskers, they are dreamers, they are doers, they are full of ideas, they are constantly learning, not afraid to ask for help, they don’t easily give up, and perhaps the most remarkable trait is that they have the ability to empathize and inspire people.

Many of these entrepreneurial women are also moms, a factor that likely contributes to their success. If you think about it, managing a home is a lot like having your own business. Moms have a remedy for everything, they work wonders under pressure, they think outside the box, they solve problems, they provide solutions, they’re good negotiators (ok, maybe not always, they chose their battles wisely) they make the most out of limited resources, they have an unrivaled passion to do the best for their family, they weather the ups and downs, and still come out with a smile.

Image Verne Ho

So if you’re thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, now is the time ladies – lo llevamos en la sangre y en el corazón. A big aplauso for those breaking through while being role models, and paving the way for all of us.


Source: The 2016 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report

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