Rocking Over 40 Women Just Want to Have Fun (and be loved)

Do you ever feel like something is missing from your life or you simply wish you could have more of something, whatever that may be?

I recently conducted a poll among my awesome Rocking Over 40 community asking them to fill out the blank in the following statement:

“I want more ___________ in my life.”

People have all kinds of fun and interesting ways to fill in that blank, but what is most surprising to me is that the things we want more of during this life stage are pretty timeless and universal. It doesn’t matter what age you are, these are things we all crave and need more of in life, and should actively pursue.

At the top of the list were peace and love (not much surprise there) but Rocking Over 40 women are also very hungry for fun and adventure! Like I said in a previous post (see here), we are living our second adolescence and we know all too well that at some future point we will be more disappointed by the things we didn’t do than by the things we did. Plus, since we’re more immune to all of life’s stresses and more aware of time, why not cram more fun and adventure into our routines and lives? We’ve earned it, ladies!

However, peace, love, fun and adventure come to those who actively seek it. If you wait for it, it simply will not come. I’ve learned over the years that it takes a concerted effort in that one thing your heart desires, and the will and courage to build your life around to making it happen.

I simply don’t wait for things any longer or rely on others for what I want like I used to when I was younger. I used to place my need for love, my peace of mind, and my happiness in other’s hands, and it simply doesn’t work out that way. It needs to come from deep within you.

At the end of the day, you have the power to create more of whatever you desire. When you focus on it day in and day out you will begin to see it everywhere. You create peace by being peace. You get more love when you GIVE more love. Commit to this idea and to building that into your life every single day and you will sow what you reap. Plus, I believe we are all adventurers at heart, but our sense to go out looking for fun and adventure may be stifled by everyday living and responsibilities. So go out and seek it because you’re still young enough to do so. It’s now or never so just go, do, be, explore, conquer, dream, discover and it will infiltrate all areas of your life and fill you with more happiness. Go for it!


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