Rocking Over 40 Selfie Movement

It’s time to start a Rocking Over 40 “selfie” movement.

I’m not a huge fan of selfies myself, but I’ve noticed that women over 40 rarely posts selfies. I am sure we all have our particular reasons for not doing so, but if more of us posted them, perhaps advertisers and media at large wouldn’t be so quick to overlook or ignore this very lucrative market. 💪

We live in a society where youth and beauty are glorified, and little of what we see in social media is “real.” So it’s (high) time we take the filters off and show the world what real Rocking Over 40 (and over 50 and over 60+) women are made of.

Beauty is so much more than just looks. Beauty is reflected in your soul, in your intelligence, in your confidence, in your passion, in your experience, in your stories, in your dreams, and it grows with the passing of the years. That is what shines through and defines your outward appearance.

So who’s with me? The world needs to see more Rocking Over 40 women who are confident enough in their own beauty. Don’t you think?

Share your favorite selfie and help spread the word…❤️

Go to our Rocking Over 40 Facebook Page and share your selfie, or simply share it in the comments section.

Here’s mine:
IMG_5411 (1)

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