We All Have Our Own Eclipses

How beautiful was that total solar eclipse today?

Our sun, which is normally so reliable was suddenly stained black by the mysterious moon. For a brief few moments, everything went dark and still.

The sun had vanished and the sky had darkened. It was not like night; it was not like day. It was simply something different.

The rules of nature turned upside down, yet perfect in every way.

Necessary and perfect.

Soon after, the sun returned with all its glorious and golden brightness and brought us back to reality.

While these eclipse cycles have been occurring for millions of years, Mother nature, a true artist, once again left us in awe of her majesty and beauty.

It got me thinking how our life on this planet mirrors that of eclipse cycles.

We all go through change cycles, some full of darkness; others full of brightness – the birth of a child, the death of a loved one, new opportunities, new marriage, broken relationships, a major promotion, devastating tragedies, new beginnings, and so on.

These are all cycles of change that take us out of our comfort zone and make us grow.

As rocking over 40 women, we have had many “eclipse” moments. We have seen how parts of us that have been hidden deep in darkness can come out shining brightly. The years have given us confidence in tackling the repeated change cycles, and as a result, we can appreciate the beauty found in both love and loss, in both light and darkness.

The powerful internal eclipse becomes a shining reflection of our soul.

Carry on!

How do you picture your internal eclipses, my dear readers?



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