A Cliché Phrase That You’ll Never Hear Me Say

The grass is greener on the other side (of the fence).

Is it really?

I was young when I first heard this saying, and while I don’t remember exactly when that was, I know that once I heard it, I could never unhear it.

And so, my life thereafter would, in one way or another, be influenced by this cliché.

I suffered from the “grass is always greener” syndrome in my youth and well into my 20s and beyond. Always wondering if there was something or someone better out there for me. Or thinking if I only had this or that I would be so much happier. If I had that job, or that house, or the perfect body, or more money, life would be great and I would be fulfilled!

I couldn’t see the forest for the trees because I was so wrapped up in the small things that I completely missed the big picture.

Now in my rocking 40s, the reverse holds true and the big picture is my prized possession. Everything else…well, they are just details.


You see, my grass was plenty green all along, all I had to do was tend to it more. Tend to the things that were not working for me and instead focus on the things that were. Putting more effort and time into bettering myself and counting my blessings was the way.

I am truly blessed to have everything that I need (and more).

It’s how you choose to see things. Because the true feeling of fulfillment and contentment comes from within and what you make of it.

Just like in my youth, I am not exactly sure at what point I came to realize this but one day I just knew.

The grass is simply greener where you water it.

Simple as that.

To remember this phrase is to find your happiness and perhaps once and for all, let go of the grass is greener cliché.

How have you made the grass under your feet greener?



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