5 Ways I’ve Learned to Bring Out My Inner Goddess

We all have an inner goddess at our disposal. Do you know what yours is like?

Mine is fierce. She is abundance. She is creativity. She is confidence. She is strong. She is intuitive. She is sexy. She is kind. She is brave. She is radiance.

I’m happy to say that I came into my inner goddess in my rocking 40s and while she has always been with me, it is during this particular life stage that she blossomed.

However, there are days that I get disconnected from her because life and problems get in the way. You know how that goes.

As women, we deal with a lot and have multiple expectations and responsibilities. We’re mothers, wives, significant others, sisters, daughters, coworkers, entrepreneurs, friends and we’re always giving our best in all of these roles, oftentimes to our own detriment and well-being. It’s easy to feel like we’re not good enough or too old. And when this happens, our inner goddess can easily get lost in the whirlwind that is our lives.

Don’t let that happen to you. Don’t let her just glimmer through every now and then. Make her front and center in everything that you do…every day. Make others aware of her. I find that when I’m fully aware of my inner goddess I can easily engage her in all my activities and everything that I do. This makes me feel connected and self-empowered which lights my internal fire even more.

The thing is you don’t have to perform magnificent acts to feel your inner goddess in action, as a matter of fact, there are simple acts that help keep your inner goddess at the forefront.          `

1. Own your power

Inner Goddess 3.png

You have a choice at this moment to choose how you want to feel and experience each given moment. If you chose to be a victim then you are handing your power over to other people, places, things, or circumstances which will inevitably make you feel stuck, paralyzed and powerless. Remember, you are not a victim, regardless of what has happened to you in the past. Nothing or no one can take away your power to choose. That is one strong power, use it and feel your inner goddess grow.

2. Love your body and age



Stop obsessing about feeling old, or your wrinkles, or fat around the belly and instead look at how far you have come. My body is not the same from when I was in my 20s but I can appreciate that it has taken me to where I am today including giving me my beautiful boys. My body is now stronger than it ever has been and I am able to see my life in my face. Honor your body, respect it, and keep it healthy in order to give you at least another 40 good years. None of that mid-life crisis nonsense here, for more on that, read this Am I Having the Opposite of a Mid-Life Crisis?

3. Express yourself in creative ways

Inner Goddess 7


When you have a creative hobby or outlet, then you are tapping into your inner goddess and creativity flows in abundance, all of which makes you feel alive because you are in self-actualization. In my case, it’s writing, it’s observing, it’s coming up with new ideas, it’s creating mixed media art, it’s daydreaming, it’s moving my body. Doing these things makes me feel inspired and full. This is a feeling you can’t buy, it radiates from deep within you, that is your inner goddess in action. If you’re unsure about starting a new hobby or learning something new, check out this post: Never. Stop. Learning

4. Cut yourself some slack

Inner Goddess 4

Sometimes we are too strict or overly critical of ourselves and the exhaustion of keeping it all together takes us further into this vicious cycle. When this happens, our inner goddess is vacationing out of town and nowhere to be found. Cut yourself some slack and let that serve as a wake-up call to reel her back in. Lower your expectations and keep a gratitude journal, and you’ll see how she’ll make her way around back to you in no time.

5. Acknowledge your inner goddess – YOU! Every day

Inner Goddess 2

See her, feel her, be her in all your actions and daily thoughts. Acknowledge her presence every chance you get. Feel beautiful in your own skin, trust your instincts, be open to new experiences and challenges, stand up to injustice, live in intensity, forgive easily, connect with nature and smile, laugh and celebrate everything your life offers you. Remember, you are Her. Never forget that.

How have you have awakened your inner goddess? Let us know in the comments.








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