What Makes You Feel Old?

Some days I feel on fire as if I can do anything and take on the world. Days, where nothing can stop me and age, is in no way a deterrent to anything I do.

Other days, I simply feel old.

You know the feeling, right?

Now, I know that we’re not really “old” but here are 20 things that don’t help the cause, if you will:

1. The idea of indulging in a fattening, high calorie, delicious meal grosses me out. Anyone?


2. Having to scroll so far down when putting my birth year on an online application. I can slowly feel myself getting older as I’m doing this.


3. Preferring to stay in than go out. I may be a grandmother at heart.


4. And when I do go out, having to pull out my phone’s light to see the menu at a restaurant. When did they make restaurants so dark?


5. Asking my kids to repeat what they said like 4 times. I can’t hear you!


6. Seeing my husband receive an AARP membership subscription offer. The look on his face! All kidding aside, you should join AARP even if you’re not 50, the benefits are great. I’m not there yet but will join and let you know. Another post on that later.


7. Immediately realizing that Luke Perry appeared on the cover of AARP magazine 2 years ago. Nooooo!!


8. Not remembering someone’s name even after “meeting” them a few times (although I must admit I have always had this problem)


9. No longer getting a thrill out of roller coasters. Truth be told, I was over that sh*! in my 20s.

Roller Coaster

10. And if for some unfathomable reason I do happen to get on a roller coaster, it takes me days to recover. True story.


11. Always marveling at my kids’ milestones and forgetting to pat myself on the back for my own milestones.

Well done

12. Hearing my favorites songs from the 90s on the oldies station, WTF?


13. No longer caring to go to music festivals, in fact, avoiding them at all cost.


14. Hearing about people I knew, die. This one gets to me the most.


15. Knowing that I’m about 10 years older than Diet Coke even though it seems like I have been drinking it my whole life.


16, Marveling at a piece of art made by 8-track tapes and realizing my kids have absolutely no idea what 8-track tapes are.


17. Using an old “classic” alarm clock the other day (just for fun) and nearly giving my kids a heart attack when they heard that loud, obnoxious ring at 7 a.m. Hey, at least it still works!


18. Knowing nothing about Games of Thrones and Breaking Bad. I promise I have not been living under a rock, I simply don’t have the time to make such a big commitment. Now move on, please.


19. Hating today’s popular songs with a passion. I never thought I would say that but here I am. #goretro


20. Using slang my 13-year-old uses and realizing it feels so horribly wrong. You know what I mean, bruh?


Ok, enough ranting on my behalf about things that make me feel old. But I do feel better now that I got that out of my system. I promise to come up with more motivating posts about embracing our age and rocking our years. As a matter of fact, stay tuned for things that make us feel young. Oh yeah!

Carry on!





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