10 Life Quotes To Get You Out of Your Funk ASAP

I’m sure we all have days where we feel like we can conquer the world with our eyes closed, and then there are those days where we are in a total funk – not depressed, just disengaged, uninterested, and unable to get motivated.

Sound familiar?

It’s not a horrible state, but when you’re feeling this way, you tend to be disconnected, bored, and nothing can seem to snap you out of it.

I believe we fall in a funk when we feel overwhelmed and exhausted, and are in need of a break. Oftentimes, we simply wait it out and it goes away on its own.

Over time, I’ve learned that being reminded of certain life lessons can help yank me out of my funk and focus on what really matters.

Here are my 10 favorite life quotes for you to ponder:



What you do every day of your life – every thought and every action is a direct consequence of how you feel right now. Make sure every one of them contributes to a positive sense of well-being and does not contribute to the state of funk you’re in.



When we have so much on our plate and feel exhausted, I believe our brain sort of shuts down. Its kind of like our brain needs a break and that is why everything seems bland. Trash you’re “To Do” list. You don’t have to do it all today. Trust me, it will all be there tomorrow anyway. Concentrate on a few things each day and do them with gusto knowing that you’ve given yourself more time.



When you’re in a rut, give yourself a break. Don’t quit, just pause. Take a walk or a hike. Don’t make important decisions right now. Know that your passion and motivation will come back…it always does.



You can do this! In the worst of days, surely there is something precious you can admire and be thankful for, even if it’s just the feel of the sun on your face, a warm cup of coffee or the satisfaction of eating a meal.



I admit there are days that I engage with self-pity and it ain’t pretty. It just never helps and can be downright self-destructive. When I find myself doing this, I remind myself of this quote to quickly snap out of it. My life is amazing – I have my health, my kids are thriving, I have a great husband…end of story.




Lest you forget that we’re rocking over 40 and we have worked hard to get to where we are. So take the time to enjoy the fruit of your labor and the stress will fade. Life is meant to be enjoyed. So go out and seek fun, do whatever pleases your soul, even if it’s just watching your favorite series on Netflix.



Does this ring a bell? It does for me. I find that if I get too comfortable day in and day out, then this unsettling feeling starts to take over. When you’re in a comfort zone, you’re not stretching yourself beyond what you already know giving you no room for personal growth.



When you’re feeling in a funk, it’s easy to believe that this is how it’s always going to be and that life will continue to unfold as it has been during this rut. But you have to believe that wonderful days have yet to happen. That we’re still here learning and growing and that some of the best times of your life are yet to come.



I have this one taped to my mirror because it’s easy to fall into a rut when an idea or plan you have doesn’t work out. This reminds me to try a different way and understand what went wrong with the first idea. It’s all a learning opportunity. Don’t give up.


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Try changing your conversation and see what happens. There’s so much truth in this quote and now that you know it, you’ll start practicing it more. Instead of talking about your dilemmas and “issues”, talk about what you love, what makes you happy and you’ll find yourself laughing more and worrying less and making those around you happier. It’s a win-win.



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