Some Days

Some days I feel like a woman;

some days the little shy girl in me resurfaces.


Some days I am dying of thirst;

some days I drown in a small glass of water.


Some days I feel the music;

some days every note is off.


Some days I love;

some days a big cloud of sadness looms over me.


Some days my hair is shiny and luscious;

some days I only see the pesky grays.


Some days ideas flow out of every pore in my body;

some days I feel as blank as a canvas.


Some days nothing in the world can stop me;

some days my breath alone seems to work against me.


Some days I am a lit candle;

some days I hide behind my own shadow.


Some days I see beauty everywhere;

some days all I see is pain and misery.


Some days I mommy so hard;

some days I feel like the worst mom on the planet.


Some days go by too fast;

some days I feel like I’m carrying a ton of bricks on my back.


Some days my body is strong and powerful;

some days I feel old and weak.


Some days I am full of optimism and enthusiasm;

some days I don’t have a drop of hope in me.


Some days light fills my world;

some days night resides within me.


Some days I win;

some days there is no fight left in me.


Some days I know exactly what road to take;

some days I circle around in confusion.


Some days I am a goddess;

some days I am a complete mess.


Some days I am perfectly aligned with the universe;

some days the world makes no sense at all.


Some days I go far;

some days I can’t leave the past.


Some days I see neither black or white;

some days I simply see a beautiful shade of gray;

A ying & yang,

fully accepting the good and the bad,

in perfect harmony

with all my heart and mind.


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