Rocking Over 40 is an empowerment platform with the goal of building a diverse community for women over 40 who want to be seen, heard, noticed and valued all while achieving success in various areas of life – both professionally and personally.

As women living our second adolescence, role models are few and far between.  The entertainment, media and advertising world covets youth, and aging in our society generally has a negative connotation. As a result, women over 40 are still very much underrepresented in all forms of media, including advertising.  A lot of women say that once they get into their forties and fifties, they begin to feel invisible. Well, we will have none of that!

We have conducted hundreds of online interviews among women and learned that women in this life stage have a strong desire to make an impact and be noticed. We are on a fervent path to personal growth, to financial stability, to sustaining our heritage and culture, to being healthy, to improving ourselves, to growing spiritually, and to helping others. This is a time in our lives where we need to be shining out loud.

Life needs to continue to be fantastic for us now more than ever, we need all the support and attention we can get. At Rocking Over 40, we invite brands and readers to share their visions, their stories, their ideas, their passions, their dreams and together we will invent our own roadmap for what it means to be fabulous at 40.

Our greatness hasn’t ended yet mis amigas. In fact, it’s just beginning…